How to Hypnotize Anyone With Words
(And get them to buy, agree, follow, click - anything you want.)
- by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke, Co-Founders,
(continued from page 1)

This man's name is Joe Vitale and these persuasion techniques I'm talking about could be found in an old lost manuscript he published years back... 

"One sales letter from Joe did thirty times better than our entire telemarketing department. I fired the phone people."
-- Mike Geier, VP, Marketing, Caledonian

- A press release he wrote got a reporter to call only 7 minutes after it was released.

- One of his sales letters achieved a record-breaking 91% response.

He has since gone on to publish works for the American Marketing Association and Nightingale-Conant (the folks that publish the works of Tony Robbins, Depak Chopra, and other such icons).  That should give you an idea of how well respected he is.

However, I still think this old, out-of-print manuscript was his absolute best. To me, any manual that can condense the essence of persuasion into such a short, and easy to understand book is worth its weight in gold.

Not only does it teach you how to be more persuasive, but it also teaches you how to write quickly - every time.  I use Joe's techniques all the time when I write, and the time it takes me to finish any writing task is now a mere fraction of what it used to be.

Writing, for me, was a task I dreaded before I read this manuscript.  Now it's an absolute joy I look forward to (thanks Joe!).

Joe gave me a copy of this manual a while back and I've been trying to convince him to allow me to publish it for years.  Joe has been reluctant to put it back into circulation, though, since the techniques are a bit controversial.

This manual was called...

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